Secret Tips To Prevent Skin Aging

Yes, it is actually possible to stop the skin aging and to look the same as 10-20 years ago. The process is simple and isn’t time-consuming, but it requires certain knowledge. The first thing to consider is that an anti aging cream is mandatory. Without it, you won’t be able to slow down the aging process. Let’s take a look at Kelly Ripa anti aging wrinkle cream and the results she has to show. This star looks impressive and she is still one of the most beautiful women on the planet. But, do you know that Kelly uses the following tips as well?

  1. Relax while exercising

Some women will stress the jaw while exercising. Nobody knew why, but it is a mistake. If you do this, keep in mind that when you stress the jaw, you stress the muscles and nerves in your neck and on the face. The bottom line is that the skin will look older and wrinkles will appear. At the same time, neck cords will be more visible, so simply relax while exercising.

  1. Sun is more dangerous than you may believe

No matter how strong and resistant skin you have, it cannot withstand the huge pressure of the sun rays. We already know that when the skin is exposed, it must be protected with the sun cream. This is a simple tip that most women use during the summer, when they arrive at a beach, walk across the city and etc. What they don’t know is that UVA rays are always present. They can penetrate the screens of your car or office and they will damage the skin. In 2016, two studies found that these rays are actually carcinogenic and they even cause severe damages to the skin. If you wear sun cream always, you can eliminate the risk from this issue.

  1. Avoid fire sources

Don’t think that the sun is the only thing that can cause skin damages and skin rashes. Fireplaces and other elements that produce heat will damage the skin, especially on your neck and face, because people tend to have these two areas warmer than other parts of the body. The main thing to remember is that staying 10 feet away from the fire source is more than just recommended. Use a soft blanket to keep your neck and face warm and save the skin.

  1. Be careful with the volume

Beauty processes that involve different substances in order to get you the look you want are more than just popular. Try to remember that if you use too much of them, you will actually look older than without them! All beauty surgeons claim that the secret is in the periphery pads. They can make the face skin softer and smoother, but only if they are in perfect proportion with the rest of the face.

If you use all of these advices and you use the anti aging cream, you will look 25 years younger and you will stay like that forever. Definitely, something you should try and use daily.