Which Machine Is Best For Burning Fat?

Exercise machines help you to easily do your cardiovascular exercises quickly and perfectly. The selection of the best machine is one of the hardest tasks to do. All exercise machines are equally good, but some can help you to burn fat fast, let us discuss these machines below:

The Best One- The Rowing Machine
At your first encounter with this machine, you feel uncomfortable and will find this machine to be very confusing.

But once you are started to know this machine, this is one of the best. It is the best choice for some serious fat torching and can work the muscles and helps to do the cardio, too. For the workout, you should try sets of mediocre level of resistance in rowing and take a break in between the sets. By this, your muscles will get rest, but heart rate won’t get less.

The Ideal way of Workout: For 10-minute, do rowing in medium resistance;  with two to three minutes of a break between the sets.

The Great One- The Elliptical
The elliptical machine tempts you to take it too easy, and it is very easy for your joints instead of the treadmill. To make sure that you have high heart rate, you should walk fast and try to push it with your hands while using the Cross Trainer.
The Ideal Way of Workout: To better the workout incline it slightly and increase the resistance of the machine. The for 90-second do sets at full pace, then take rest for three minutes by exercising at a lower speed.

The Another Great One- The Stationary Bike
Although this machine is one of those machines that tempts you to be inactive. It is a little difficult to set it properly, and very easy to pedal it slowly and to drag out the workout.

The best way to use this machines is to use it like there’s someone chasing you. You should push hard with both legs and lungs for some minutes and then give yourself rest in between. You will burn the fat by this technique more quickly.  The pedaling will burn the fat as the exercise is engaging your largest muscle of the body –  the legs.
The Ideal Way of Workout: Do high-speed cycling for three minutes, followed by slow speed for two minutes. Repeat this for about 30 minutes.

The Good One- The Treadmill

Many people use the treadmill to run, jog or walk, but are they using it in the right way?

This machine is more versatile from the perspective of speed. Do resist the temptation of walking or slow jogging instead of running and pushing yourself to do more work on the treadmill if you really want to burn the fat.
The Ideal Way of Workout: For 4 minutes do slow pace walking or jogging and for one minute do the full speed running. Do this for 20 minutes

The Good One- StairMaster
This machine is the Sisyphus of the exercise machines and is great for working out your body.

To use this machine, you need to start with slow speed but with increased resistance. You can spend a lot of time burning fat if you have the ability to withstand the boredom of climbing stairs. This machine is very good for fat burning due to the great workout that it gives to your legs.

The Ideal Way of Workout: Increase the resistance, but reduce the speed of your climbing.